The Swimming with Elephants Publications Bookstore is a web page created under the umbrella of Swimming with Elephants Publications for the sole purpose of displaying publications and book reviews.

Our biggest goal is to get our books in the hands of readers.

Here, you will not only find links to every publication offered by Swimming with Elephants Publications, but independent book stores, educational services, and event venues can order directly from the publisher to receive a discount on the order of multiple products.

If you are a small/independent book store, educational facility, or event venue and would like to order multiple copies of our publications, please message us through the contact page.

Simply put the words Attn: Book Order in the subject line so that your information gets put in the right hands.

If you are featuring one of our poets and would like to have books available for their show, please contact us no later than three weeks before the feature to ensure timely delivery.

We have options available including a discounted rate on books. We do accept book returns. We have also been known to send extra copies of publications and samples from our collections free of charge.

Help us spread our words to your side of the world.


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